Foundations Lacrosse



The goal of the Foundations Lacrosse youth program is to provide training that will allow our players to maximize and fulfill their long-term potential as lacrosse players. Our training process breaks skills down into the most foundational pieces. We then use purposeful repetition to ingrain high level habits and skills that will serve our players throughout their lacrosse careers.

We do not aim to have players that are fantastic at youth lacrosse but fade away as time goes on and the level of play increases. Often the best youth players do not pan out to be the best high school and college players. We focus on long term success on the lacrosse field. We aim to do the things the right way versus the way that gets the best immediate result.

The Program

  • Our invitation training program is our high level position based training program. We focus on the combination of high quality repetition, and free play.
  • Foundational Process: Each player needs to drill repetitions at a high level based on their position. This provides the FOUNDATION of a player’s game.
    • ‚ÄčThink of an attackman being able to drive to 5 and 5, question mark dodge with proper stick protection, stick to the outside, and overhand finish the ball directly into the bottom corner 10 out of 10 times.
  • Free Play: Free play is the creative side of the sport. Lacrosse is free flowing, fast, and constantly changing. Players that have amazing foundational skills but play like robots are limited in their effectiveness at the highest levels. We use small field games that require transition and creative play to round out this part of our player's game. 
    • 5x, "trash can", 3x
    • Small Nets
    • Coaching, but not getting in the way of the creative process. 
  • Invitation training approach: 
    • Players are selected to be involved in this training, they should be prepared to play at a high level and push the other players in the program.
    • They should be prepared to work HARD
    • They will be held to a high standard of energy, effort, and coachability.
    • Every coach will understand this expectation and will be trying to pull players into being the best lacrosse player they can be while in session. 
    • Will be expected to be working off the Foundations field as well, and will be given homework as a guide.‚Äč 


Youth training sessions are split up by 2 age groups at a time: 5th/6th and 7th/8th.


Discounted Fall + Winter Price: $1,280

Fall Season: $515

Winter Season: $915



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